Meat Grinding Solutions

ASSAB Engineered Products

Most experts agree that a crucial factor in improving food processing operations is to minimize interruptions caused by maintenance breaks. These breaks often occur to replace or service worn parts due to the demanding nature of the production process, involving tools and materials. Consequently, these interruptions can significantly impact the overall operational costs of your food processing business.

But why settle for the average performance of standard tools when there is a smarter solution available? This alternative not only enhances efficiency but also boosts profitability. Our range of meticulously crafted Engineered Products is designed to deliver superior performance, empowering you to optimize your food processing operation.


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Introducing ASSAB solution for the Meat Grinding Technology, specifically engineered to suit all machine types and brands. This innovative technology caters to various applications, including ground beef, salami stuffing, and burger patty production. The knives and hole plates are skillfully crafted from top-quality stainless steel and feature cutting-edge heat treatment and PVD coatings, ensuring exceptional performance and durability.

Regardless of the machine type in which it is used, the technology offers the following customer benefits:

  • Significant reduced total costs of ownership
  • Higher machine availability and efficiency
  • Extended part life
  • Prolonged regrinding cycles
  • Improved cuttings results
  • Less product contamination
  • Reduced energy consumption

Performance Overview

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